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Customised Private Math Tutoring from an Experienced Math Tutor anywhere in Toronto

At Cardinal Tutoring we provide personalised instruction in mathematics, applied mathematics, and a variety of related fields throughout the Toronto area.  We provide a math tutor for customised private math tutoring lessons specifically tailored to any course at any level, in any field of math as well as many related subjects.

To students enrolled in courses at all levels of study, we typically give individual and private math tutoring, but we offer group seminars as well.

We will travel to students, and meet in a number of convenient locations throughout the city.  We can provide a math tutor for students at their homes anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, or meet for math tutoring in public places such as libraries and cafes, according to the preference of the student.

The areas we serve include Toronto, Etobicoke, York, North York,East York and Scarborough, as well as Mississauga, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham and Pickering, among other nearby localities.  We make a special effort to provide a math tutor in your area, wherever you are or require math tutoring throughout the city of Toronto.

We endeavour to be as flexible as possible to accommodate students'busy schedules, and are pleased to meet to tutor math in Toronto for any number of sessions and at any frequency, subject to the availability of our tutors.

Why Cardinal Tutoring?

A Math Tutor for Knowledge, Experience, Communication, Care, and Convenience.

Knowledge.  You will have a math tutor who has multiple degrees in pure mathematics, and has taken dozens of courses in advanced mathematics and conducted private research in this field.  Mathematics is a speciality; a degree in the sciences, engineering, economics or another math-related field entails only a few math courses, and at alower level.  A major in a related field does not have the same competence as a specialist.  Such an expert is certainly necessary for math tutoring at the university or college level.  However, it is also an asset for teaching primary and secondary level mathematics. The more the teacher knows, the more profound his understanding of more elementary topics, and the simpler and clearer his explanations thereof.  An expert in math makes a superior math tutor.

Experience.  There is no substitute for experience.  You will have a math tutor with several years of professional experience as a teacher and tutor of mathematics.  It is one thing to know math, and quite another to teach it.  Many graduates with excellent marks in math throughout their studies haven't the faintest clue how to teach.  With extensive practice working with students of all levels and learning styles, particularly as a math tutor providing focused individual math tutoring, a teacher learns to communicate ideas clearly, concisely and completely, and to ensure the understanding of the student and his or her eventual mastery of the subject.

Communication.  You will have a math tutor with thorough command of the English language.  Deciphering thick accents or the awkward phrasing of foreign speakers can be an impediment to understanding descriptions of mathematical concepts and techniques.  A native English speaker with a high degree of literacy and oratory skill has an advantage at explaining abstract ideas in a clear, easy-to-understand fashion.  You will not only have a math tutor who is literate and well spoken, but one who understands the vocabulary and conversational style appropriate for each level of a student's development, and is able to build from simple ideas to complex theories, one step at a time, in a natural easy-to-understand way.

Care.  You will have a math tutor who is not only passionate about mathematics, but enthusiastic about passing on ideas, and helping a student arrive at a thorough comprehension of the field.  There are many instructors, even university professors, who have profound knowledge of mathematics but have very little interest in teaching, or little interest in the attainment of their students.  We care about our students' learning progress, and are committed to their understanding and success.  You will have a math tutor who is results-driven.  A good math tutor wants to see a student learn above all else, but also realises that marks matter.  Math tutoring sessions will always be geared towards both learning and the improvement of marks.  Fortunately, these are mutually reinforcing goals.

Convenience.  We travel to students.  You needn't concern yourself with the interruption, time commitment and logistics of driving to tutoring centres, and traffic, parking or transit.  We accommodate students' busy schedules and meet in their area or wherever is convenient for them, throughout the city of Toronto and Greater Toronto Area.  A math tutor is available to conduct math tutoring sessions either in-home or at a public library or other venue anywhere in Toronto.  Also, although regular lessons are in most cases beneficial and often ideal, we require no commitment for periodic lessons or minimum number of math tutoring sessions.

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