High School Level Student Reviews

I have a daughter in grade 10.  She was recently identified as being gifted in math.  She started the year doing very well, but by the second term, she was failing.  Her report card showed her grade at 52.  (Her average at the end of last year was in the 90's). There was no issue of drugs or alcohol.  She had a personality conflict with the teacher, and the teacher kept telling her that she couldn't catch up with the class.  She was advised to drop the accelerated program that she was enrolled in.  I didn't buy this because I know what my child is capable of.  I was at a loss as to what to do, but I knew that she needed help.  I contacted Talmage Adams.

I found his listing on the Internet.  I contacted several other tutors, but Talmage seemed to understand my request.  I told him the story; told him that she had an exam coming up, and that she was in extreme risk of being kicked out of the accelerated program- (the kids must maintain a minimum 75% average to stay in the program course).  We had only about 5 or 6 weeks to get her back up to speed.  I could sense Talmage's hesitation when I told him her average was 52, but said that she was just identified as being gifted in math.  I don't even think I would have believed that statement coming from someone else, especially as it seems so contradictory.  This didn't stop him from agreeing to help.  He arrived the next day prepared to bring out the best in my daughter.  After the first lesson, he not only believed me, but he believed in her.  He could tell that she was smart, but could see that she lost her way somewhere early in the year.  He proceeded to help her get back on track.  She started to care about her work.  Her marks started to go up.  Her teacher started to notice a difference in her, but still insisted that she wouldn't recommend her for the accelerated program for next year.  I asked the teacher to hold her judgement; but my daughter would have to do amazing in her final exam to bring her mark up from 52 to get a an average of over 75.

I had faith.

My daughter had Talmage.

He worked with her until he felt that she grasped the concepts.  I never again heard her say that she hated math, even after he left from the lesson.  She wanted to do well, and he gave her the individual attention that she needed to succeed.  (I long ago gave up trying to help with her math- like maybe grade 6?!)

She went from a 52 to a 76 in a few short weeks with Talmage's help.  Her quizzes started to get easier, and her marks started to get higher.  On her final test before the exam her mark was an astounding 97%!  Surely the teacher could see that she had improved tremendously in just 6 short weeks!  But I guess that  the personality conflict wasn't over between the teacher and my daughter.

She did incredible in her finals.  Her mark ended up being 76- only brought down by her previous low marks, but............the math teacher told her that she still would not recommend her for the harder accelerated program for grade 11. 

How disappointing!

Then my daughter decided that she would take this further, and so went to the school's guidance counselor.  She explained her case, and she showed her marks.  He has the final say as to who gets recommended and who does not. 

He will recommend her for the accelerated course for next year!

Without Talmage's help; his patience ,and his unwavering belief that she could do much better than she was doing, this story would have ended differently.

She wants to be a surgeon.  She is planning on taking 2 math subjects next year.  This is truly a success story with a huge thank you to Talmage Adams!

If you are looking for some extra help for your children; or yourself, Talmage doesn't just bring knowledge to the table, but patience and understanding as well.  I can't emphasize enough how important this is if success is the goal.

I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who needs help in math.

A zillion thanks to him for helping us when I really didn't think there was any chance of my daughter staying in the accelerated program.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!

You may contact me to verify this story.



In the last year of high school, I took advanced functions because I needed this course to get into the Law & Society program at the University of Toronto.  My math skills weren't that great for solving problems so I decided to work with a tutor.  I decided to work with Mr. Talmage, who is a researcher in the field of mathematics.

Throughout the first semester, I understood the concept of mathematics well with the help of Mr. Talmage.  He taught and showed his technique to me for solving difficult algebra.  My marks improved compared to the year before.  Before, I was a level 3 student and after the first semester, my final mark raised to level 4.

This mark helped me to get into the program I wanted at U of T.  I got an early acceptance from this university and that was my goal.

I would strongly recommend, Mr. Talmage, to any students having trouble in Calculus, Physics, and Advanced Function because I had a very good improvement in math.



Talmage is a brilliant mathematician, however more importantly, he is exceptionally astute and thorough which makes him an outstanding educator.  After switching a couple of schools (i.e. public to private then to public again), my daughter found that she had missed some important instruction somewhere along the line.  She had no idea what she had missed and therefore had no idea what to ask her teachers.  By grade 10 she was completely lost.  Talmage’s onerous task was to identify what she was missing, take her back to when the gaps occurred, teach her what she needed to know in a manner that she could understand without overwhelming her and catch her up to speed.  After a couple of months of weekly tutoring, my daughter felt comfortable enough with her math skills that she changed her grade 11 and 12 curriculums to accommodate U level math courses.  Numerous previous tutors (including a teacher who had previously taught math at her high school) were not able to even address the problem.  Talmage has made a significant impact on my daughter’s education and her future career choices.



I do not normally write testimonials, but this is an exceptional case.  Talmage did such a phenomenal job tutoring my daughter that I feel I should let others know.

My daughter has had a bad math history virtually all her life, barely passing math since grade school.  This summer she took a Grade 12 Data Management course, as a pre-requisite for university entrance into a business program.  We felt that she would be doomed, since a bare pass is insufficient in today’s competitive university environment.

In came Talmage, and worked with Andrea several times a week.  He gave her the tools and the confidence, to allow her to succeed.  Result – a final grade of 90% (yes, I said 90%), this being not only her highest grade in math, but also her highest grade ever, in any subject!

I do not recommend Talmage to anyone, because he might become too busy to work with my daughter, when she starts her university math courses. We would rather keep him to ourselves.



My son is a grade 10 student who is in an enriched math class. He has always done quite well on tests with a high ‘80s average.  However, this year, the class is quite advanced, the difficulty level is high and the teacher covers the material at a very quick pace. My son was finding it challenging to keep up and was not quite grasping some of the concepts taught in class. His first test score was 73% and his second dropped to 62%. My son was finding himself out of his element but, at this point, it was too late in the term to transfer to a standard math class.  As my son was floundering with the next math unit and getting frustrated and losing confidence, we decided to get the help of a tutor and we found Talmage through the internet.  The testimonials were very encouraging so I gave him a call.
After just the first session my son reported that he really liked working with Talmage because he patiently and thoroughly explained the material “in a way that was easy to understand”. In working with Talmage, my son had a much clearer understanding of the math concepts and really improved his problem solving skills.  His next test score of 84% and a mid-term exam mark of 85% certainly bear this out and he has indicated that he would like to continue working with Talmage.
Both my son and I whole-heartedly recommend Talmage and his excellent tutoring skills.

-D & A


Talmage Adams is a friendly, dedicated, patient and dependable math tutor.  He is a well educated and brilliant mathematician to say the least but his knowledge far extends mathematics and he is wise beyond his years.  He is a very intelligent and well rounded individual with a passion for mathematics and teaching.

He tutored my daughter in Grade 11 Functions and with weekly tutoring, she achieved excellent results.  He explained math problems using many different approaches and would clarify concepts using real life examples.  Talmage was not satisfied until he was convinced that my daughter thoroughly understood the course material.  He really cared that she fully mastered the material.  As a result, she consistently obtained top math scores on quizzes and exams.  
Her exam marks were as follows: 96%, 100%, 87%, 87% and 98%.  Her final mark was an impressive 96%!

I cannot thank Talmage enough for his help, as he has made a world of difference in my daughter's confidence and reduced the stress level in our home.  He has become a friend to our entire family and I would highly recommend him to anyone!  Talmage is the best!



I have always disliked math because of the difficulty I had with the subject.  In the 10th grade, I found myself nearly failing the course.  My average on the first report card was a low 60 and after failing multiple tests the chance of me passing the course was unlikely.  This is when I found Talmage.  After a few sessions, my tests marks went from 30% to the mid 80 range.  I finished the course with a 70%, only because I had been doing so poorly for over half of the year.

Before I found Talmage, I had planned on taking the College/University level math course in grade 11 and never taking math again.  But the marks I achieved with Talmage gave me enough confidence to take the University level course for grade 11, and to take grade 12 Data Management.  
In Data Management, I was able to achieve high 80s and 90s on many of my tests and finished with an 84%.  Although I am going into law, I felt that these math courses were essential to achieving my future goals.

Before Talmage, I had tried numerous other tutors.  Talmage is by far the best of them all.  Most tutors I have had answer the questions and expect you to understand or they are simply not interested in helping.  Talmage's approach to learning is much more efficient compared to them.  He thoroughly goes through the questions and ensures that the student comes to the answer on their own.  With his help, I was able to grasp mathematical concepts, pass tests and almost enjoy math.

Without Talmage's assistance, I would have had a very difficult high school experience.  I am extremely thankful for Talmage's help as I could not have done so well in these three courses without him.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.



My previous tutors were good but never to the degree where I could ask anything and he/she could answer me right away.  Talmage was this exception, with every question there was a correct answer and with every answer, an equally adequate explanation.  Ever since I met Talmage I always had this security that he knew what he was doing.  My 85 in Calculus and Vectors first term became a 97 by my final.  Acing my tests became a regular; my understanding of math must have doubled.  Because of Talmage's help I was accepted into every university I applied to, specifically Queen's Commerce and Western Ivey AEO.  I would highly recommend Talmage to anyone who is struggling in math and is willing to learn more.  Thanks Talmage!



It is my pleasure to recommend Talmage for your math and physics tutoring needs.  During first term my son was getting a 63% in functions and 71% in physics - both taken at the Grade 11 university level.  With Talmage's guidance during second and third term his marks were boosted dramatically.  By scoring consistently in the 80s and 90s throughout the term, his functions grade went up by 12% and his physics by 16%, resulting in final marks of 75% in functions and 87% in physics.  Talmage was always on time, prepared and took time on the side to focus on areas that needed more attention.  I would not hestitate to recommend him to anyone.  He builds confidence and helps your child to become more disciplined while maintaining a gentle correcting nature.  My son is now more motivated than ever to apply to university for engineering.



My daughter started G11 Functions with quite a shock.  She is a hard working student, and used to maintain 90+ average on G9 and G10 in her classes.  However her first 2 tests in G11 Functions came back as 65 and 68.  She was not happy with her results and worked harder, but her marks did not improve.  We tried to help, but she needed an explanation beyond the textbook, which we could not offer.  Talmage, with his very strong math background, started teaching her with "why".  We consider this is a very important lesson, not only to make the base of fundamental understanding, but also to develop a higher understanding for math.

Talmage could explain every single question she had, to her complete understanding.  She took his tutoring class once a week for 2 hour duration for over 2 months.  He gave her intensively focused guidance, and supported her between classes.  Whenever she encountered a math problem, she just e-mailed her question to him, and he replied with complete explanation.  She had 24 hour support.  
Her marks have improved dramatically, and she started gaining back her confidence, not being worried about tests or exams any more.  At the end, she got 90 as her final mark for G11 Functions!

We strongly recommend Talmage if you are looking for the real math guidance.  He is the one who can truly offer you the learning help, not only to bring your marks up, but also to deepen your understanding for your future.



My son is in Grade 10 at a Private School and began the year struggling in Math.  Prior to his first exam his average was 52%.  Historically Math has always been one of his better subjects.  We knew something was wrong and decided to take action.  I began with a simple Google search (math tutor Toronto).  I came across a website, www.cardinaltutoring.com and sent them an email via the contact us option on the web site.  Talmage Adams responded to my request in a timely manner and we discussed options available to us.

Within 2 days Talmage was available for one on one Tutoring sessions with my son.  After the first session I asked my son "how did it go?"  His response was "amazing... Talmage is a genius, he explains everything so clear and it's making sense now".  We decided to have 2 weekly sessions leading up to the exam 2 weeks away and had to cover 4 chapters.  
The result was an exam score of 80%.. truly amazing!  Since then my son continues to get marks in the 80's and has a much better understanding of concepts.  He has gained confidence and no longer fears math challenges.

We will continue to work with Talmage and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who is struggling in Math or simply wants to excel.  Talmage was flexible with his schedule to accommodate us when needed.  It truly was a priceless experience for my son and I am very grateful for finding Cardinal Tutoring and Talmage Adams.

Ameer (happy parent)


Last year, I took IB1 (Grade 11) Advanced Functions.  In the past few years, since I entered high school, I had been having a little bit of trouble in math.  I wasn't failing, however I was not performing to the standard that I expected of myself, and so I asked my parents to search for a tutor.  We found Talmage, who helped me a lot in Grade 10, where I achieved a final mark in my math course of 6+, which converted to a percentage is 95%.  I did especially well on the exam, with a 93%. However, I discovered that the real difficulty began in Grade 11, where a lot of the material was difficult for me to fully understand.  I attempted the first test without Talmage's help, however the difficulty of the course really showed when I achieved only a 73%.  With our sessions about a week before every test, generally once or twice a month, Talmage really helped to solidify many of the concepts that were unclear to me.  We would go through many different review questions, and he took the time to make sure that I fully understood each concept, and the proofs behind them.  In that way, not only was I able to appreciate math as a subject a lot more, but it made the use of different equations much more clear in my mind.  Throughout the year, my marks kept rising and rising. 83%, 96%, 87%, 99%, 94%, and 95%.  My real achievement, however, was on the final exam.  Talmage and I needed two sessions in order to fit in all of the material, especially seeing as the Grade 11 final math exam in our school is notoriously difficult.  After the exam, I was confident that I had done the test to the best of my ability, but I was equally sure that I would not have done nearly as well without the help of Talmage.  I achieved a final grade of a 6, which translates to 93%, with a 5+ on the exam, 80%. Considering the fact that the average exam mark was below 60%, I am very proud of my mark.  This math course was very important for my future goals, as I plan on going to medical school in the future, so having Talmage there to tutor me was a big help.  I will definitely be depending on him for my IB2 (Grade 12) Calculus course.

-Alex Gagliano


My son was in Grade 12 and did not feel that his teacher was preparing him adequately for class tests and the final exam.  He was also concerned about being prepared for university level math.  Talmage worked with my son tutoring him in Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors.  My son enjoyed working with Talmage and felt that he was a great help in clarifying concepts and making them easy to understand.  My son's mark rose from an 83% mid term to a final mark of 90%.  Most importantly, he is now in university and feels confident in his math course.  I would highly recommend him as a tutor and plan to use him for my younger son.

-Kelly Smythe


Jeremy was miserably failing Grade 9, Principles of Mathematics, as indicated by his grade of 31% on his second of three report cards. His teacher suggested that we place him in Applied Math, because he felt Jeremy has difficulty understanding course content. We acknowledged that he has difficulty with mathematical concepts, but also believed his poor mark was attributed to a lack of effort and motivation and of missed classes due to Football commitments in the Fall. Grade 9 is a critical year for socializing, which he spent most of his time doing. He didn’t have the foresight to understand how quickly one can fall behind when one doesn’t put in a conscientious effort to do the work. To compound these factors, Jeremy lacks confidence in his Mathematical abilities. Talmage Adams began tutoring Jeremy in the early spring, once per week, 2 hours per session. Talmage was presented with a challenge because the goal was to ensure our son passed Math 9 with only about one-third of the curriculum left to the end of the year. With patience and firm instruction, Talmage helped Jeremy focus on learning the concepts and strategize on how to maximize the little time he had to pass the course. Not only did the tutoring boost his confidence, but it helped to develop Jeremy’s interest in wanting to do well. His marks began gradually improving to passing grades and into a range of 60-70%, with a mark of 85% on a test in May. His final exam mark was 63 or 73%, we are not sure exactly the grade because having heard from his teacher that he passed the course and escaped summer school, he ran out of the room elated by the news and didn’t listen carefully to his Final exam mark. The tell tale sign was his last report card. Jeremy received a passing grade of 51%. The teacher wrote on the report card that Jeremy should consider enrolling in Applied Math in Grade 10. When Jeremy read this he balked at the Applied Math comment and said to his Dad confidently “I hope I get the same teacher next year because I can’t wait to show him what I can really do!” We feel the basics of mathematics is an important skill to learn for career or life experiences ahead and will take comfort in the thought that Talmage will continue to work with our son to further increase his marks and interest in the subject over the coming years. Liz Holleran (Jeremy’s mom)

-Liz Holleran


We contacted Talmage to assist our son who was having a difficult time with his grade 10 academic math class. Prior to contacting Talmage (in November), our son was challenged with understanding the lessons and not passing the class. The end result in June, a 92% average. Talmage's unique and effective teaching style was an instant hit with our son. His kind, yet confident approach was a perfect match for our son and any student who is overwhelmed or intimidated by the curriculum. Our son actually looked forward to his sessions with Talmage! I would highly recommend Talmage as a tutor to anyone looking for private, one on one lessons, with proven results.

-Gene Smith


Our son Jay, has always had difficulty in math with marks that have generally been in the C range, however, by grade 11, he could only manage to pass Functions & Relations with a 50% and by grade 12, he was failing Data Management with a mere 48%. These grades were received despite the fact that Jay had math tutors during his entire duration at the academic secondary school level. At this point, we were desperate for further help as this would mean that he would not be able to apply for his program of choice in university. We came across Talmage's website after having thoroughly searched the internet. Talmage seemed to be just the person we were looking for - someone who not only was knowledgeable, but was kind and understanding to our son's struggles. We found after his first session with Jay that our instincts had been correct. By Jay's first test, he received 70%; an increase of 22%! We were astounded! This was the first time Jay had ever received a B grade in any math test! His subsequent marks were 68%, 83%, 83%, 96%, 78% and finally, 80% on his final exam. Jay received an 80% as his final mark – his first ever A in math! You may think that 80% is not that high of a mark, but Jay also has a learning disability whereby he has difficulty retaining information and therefore, it takes an exceptional math tutor to help him learn and understand the math concepts. We cannot thank Talmage enough for everything he has given to Jay – increasing his self confidence that he can actually do math and do it well. His self-esteem has also improved due to the excellent teaching, guidance, and support. Jay is hoping to enter a Business program at university this fall and Talmage has made his goal attainable. Talmage is the ultimate professional. He has a very strong work ethic. He often stayed longer to answer and address all of Jay's questions and to ensure that he covered all the content required in preparation for every test and exam. Not only is Talmage a brilliant mathematician, he is extremely unique in that he can he simplify difficult concepts so that they are easier to understand and his personality makes the student and anxious parents feel at ease. Jay has further commented that Talmage is the only tutor he has ever had who could tackle all the difficult questions with such ease. His previous math tutors would not be able to solve them or avoided them altogether. We are so impressed with Talmage that we'd love to have him tutor our other children so they too can achieve mathematical success! We are so grateful to Talmage for his math expertise, his patience, and his dedication in helping our son through his Grade 12 Data Management course!

-Katie & Matt


Talmage has been tutoring our sons (Grade 10/11) math and science for the past few months. He is a conscientious tutor with a teaching style that resonates with our boys. They find him to be dedicated, patient and keen in making difficult concepts understandable. He sees the potential in each child and tailors his pace and content to their learning style and level of interest. As a parent with a science background, I find his creativity and unique style of teaching extremely effective and valuable. Our boys have gained confidence, and they are comfortable with handling the more challenging parts of their curricula. Their marks in math and physics went up substantially from low 80s to high 80s and 90s.  Both boys performed extremely well in their finals and their marks are the highest they have received thus far. Currently, Talmage is providing longer term learning goals and he is expanding the boys’ perspective as well as their appreciation of math. We feel we are receiving excellent value and we wholeheartedly recommend Talmage as a tutor of the highest calibre.

-Jami Salih