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At Cardinal Math Tutoring, Toronto, we provide a math tutor for both custom high school math tutoring and custom high school science tutoring to help for students with a variety of needs.  Whether they find that they are suddenly falling behind in math courses and wishing anxiously to catch up and make sense of difficult mathematical concepts, or wishing for consistent math support to achieve higher grades in key math courses for making applications for their post-secondary education or employment goals, or needing the highest level of academic enrichment for an especially challenging math-related curriculum in a demanding course, we have the math tutor best suited for the challenge.  A math tutor from Cardinal Math Tutoring can make the difference between confusion, poor grades and discouragement and achieving understanding, confidence and high grades in any course on the Toronto math curriculum for any student wishing to make a dramatic improvement in his or her math or science studies.

Math tutoring sessions and programmes with a high school math tutor can take a variety of forms depending on the intensity of math tutoring required for the course or task.  Our regular math tutoring lessons, occasional or purpose-specific sessions, or an intensive programme, will help a student catch up and take command of a course, Cardinal Math Tutoring is devoted to providing the most appropriate assistance for each math student and each situation.  As well, we'll be helping students design a strategy and rhythm of math study to bring them a new sense of comprehension, confidence, and excellence in their math and the mathematics components of their science studies in what we know to be a very demanding Toronto educational curriculum.

Learning can be ignited by good instruction and good teachers at school, but more fundamental understanding in math may all start with an excellent math tutor providing simple clear explanations of math and science concepts, assuming no prior knowledge and starting from scratch from the exact point at which a student goes from knowledge to unfamiliarity.  From this point a solid foundation can be built step by step by a tutor in a natural orderly sequence.  Learning can be easy, satisfying and enjoyable, without confusion, frustration or unwanted mystery.  Through intensive tutoring sessions with an knowledgeable and experienced high school math tutor, progress can be rapidly accelerated, taking a student swiftly forward and building confidence which feeds further interest, ambition and success.  Cardinal Math Tutoring's one-on-one approach provides a math tutor for the kind of customised and student-exclusive focus of study which can be the key to academic excellence.

Cardinal Math Tutoring, Toronto, and our professional math tutor experts are passionate about guiding every Toronto student to better math learning and success, because knowledge can last a lifetime, and scholastic achievement can lay the foundation for a glorious future.  Every student should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and we at Cardinal Math Tutoring strive to make all this possible.

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A High School Math Tutor for any Course


 - MFM1P:  Grade 9 Foundations of Mathematics
 - MPM1H:  Grade 9 Applied to Academic
 - MPM1D:  Grade 9 Principles of Mathematics
 - MFM2P:  Grade 10 Foundations of Mathematics
 - MPM2D:  Grade 10 Principles of Mathematics
 - MBF3C:  Grade 11 Functions for College Mathematics
 - MCF3M:  Grade 11 Functions and Applications
 - MCR3U:  Grade 11 Functions
 - MDM4U:  Grade 12 Advanced Functions
 - MHF4U:  Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors
 - MCV4U:  Grade 12 Data Management

A High School Physics Tutor for any Course


 - SPH3U:  Grade 11 Physics, University
 - SPH4U:  Grade 12 Physics, University
 - SPH4C:  Grade 12 Physics, College

A High School Chemistry Tutor for any Course


 - SCH3U:  Grade 11 Chemistry, University
 - SCH4U:  Grade 12 Chemistry, University
 - SCH4C:  Grade 12 Chemistry, College

A High School Tutor for Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space Science

 - SES4U:  Grade 12 Earth and Space Science, University

A High School Science Tutor for any Course


 - SNC1D:  Grade 9 Science, Academic
 - SNC1P:  Grade 9 Science, Applied
 - SNC2D:  Grade 10 Science, Academic
 - SNC2P:  Grade 10 Science, Applied
 - SNC4M:  Grade 12 Science, University/College
 - SNC4E:  Grade 12 Science, Workplace

 A Math Tutor for SAT Preparation

Comprehensive Tutoring Sessions to Prepare Students for Writing SAT Exams