Who We Are

A Specialised Math Tutor Service for Customised Private Math Tutoring in Toronto

Cardinal Math Tutoring provides individual and group instruction through customised private math tutoring sessions, conducted by an experienced professional math tutor,throughout Toronto and the surrounding region.

At Cardinal, we know that math is important.  Students need to understand math deeply in order to apply it fruitfully.  But succeeding in math courses is equally important, and we are intently focused on improving students' performance in their assignments and examinations through concentrated curriculum-centred theory and practice.  A private math tutor accomplishes this in a focused and efficient manner by addressing each student's needs sequentially and thoroughly.

At Cardinal, we believe that individual instruction is the most valuable form of education.  It is the dialogue between student and teacher which best fosters a profound understanding of ideas. Through experience we have observed that the rate of a student's progress in one-on-one math tutoring sessions is dramatically superior to that of both lectures and private study.  For this reason, it is a cornerstone of learning, not only for struggling or lagging students, but also for strong students wishing to advance and excel to greater heights.  The interactive nature of math tutoring allow for efficient use of time and effort, and rapid and dramatic progress in studies.  In our experience, a private math tutor can be the key to success in the study of mathematics.

We generally take a problem-solving approach to math tutoring lessons. After introducing theory, we provide key examples and exercises, supervising and correcting the student's problem solving technique and form.  Naturally, the choice of problems is always anchored in assigned course work and examination topics.  We encourage dialogue and active participation in math tutoring lessons.  The more the student engages and asks questions, the better a math tutor is able to direct a lesson to the student's needs, and tailor explanations to his or her frame of mind.  In a math tutoring session, the harder a student works, and the more the student demands, the harder the math tutor will work to satisfy the student's keenness to advance in math.

How We Teach

Math Tutoring for Satisfaction and Results:
Focused on Depth of Understanding, Driven to Technical Mastery

In math tutoring lessons, we stress logic, pattern recognition, and the interrelation of ideas.  These are elements often lacking in classroom instruction, and essential for building a coherent understanding of math.  A math tutor can address this thoroughly with individual math tutoring at the student's natural pace. Explaining the origin and purpose of definitions and formulae, the logic of solutions and the connexions between seemingly unrelated problems gives the student a simpler more holistic view of the subject, ensuring him or her better recall and reasoning ability.  Also, by illustrating applications of the theory, a math tutor will help students attain a greater appreciation of the abstract ideas of mathematics.

What We Teach

A Math Tutor for all Fields and Levels of Math Tutoring in Toronto

As a custom math tutor service in Toronto, we specialise in mathematics and many areas of applied mathematics, providing convenient private math tutoring specially tailoredto students of all ages and levels, from grade school to high school and university,as well as those in various professional fields.

At the elementary school level, we teach Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry,Logic and mathematical understanding.  A curriculum-focused math tutor isavailable for math tutoring in all elementary areas of study.

At the high school level, we provide tutoring in all math courses. We are well versed with the curricula of Principles of Mathematics, Functions, Advanced Functions, Calculus & Vectors,and Data Management, as well as Physics and Chemistry.  A math tutor is available in each of these areas for math students at any school in the Toronto area.

At the university and college level, we offer math tutoring in many courses in a variety of math fields.  Among our areas of expertise in pure math are Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Statistics.  We also teach various subjects of applied math such as Physics and Chemistry, as well as Economics, Business and Financial mathematics, and Actuarial Sciences. As well, we offer targeted lessons to advance students in various math-related postgraduate programmes.  A math tutor is available in each of these areas, for math tutoring lessons specifically tailored to the course and the student's needs, throughout the Toronto Area.

We also offer private math tutoring for professionals.  A math tutor is available to teach the math required for business and finance, providing the mathematical foundation for MBA and CFA programmes in Toronto.

Please see our subjects page for more detailed information and course lists, indicating the subjects for which a math tutor is available in Toronto.