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Welcome to Cardinal Math Tutoring, offering the finest tutoring in Toronto for mathematics and related fields.


Math Tutor for Toronto and Area:

Providing custom private math tutoring in Toronto and the GTA. Offering the highest calibre of math tutor in Toronto for all academic needs.

At Cardinal Tutoring, a knowledgeable and experienced math tutor is available for any course of grade school math, high school math, and university or college math, as well as for courses in related fields.

High School Math Tutor in Toronto:

We offer expert math tutoring for Grade 9 and Grade 10 Foundations of Mathematics and Principles of Mathematics, all Grade 11 Functions courses, and Grade 12 Data Management, Advanced Functions, and Calculus & Vectors.  We also have tutoring available for physics, chemistry and science.  Private tutoring in these subjects is available throughout the Toronto Area.

University Math Tutor in Toronto:

At the university level, we offer expert math tutoring in a variety of areas from Calculus, Linear Algebra and Statistics to more specialised fields of advanced study in pure and applied mathematics.  We also have tutoring available for related fields like physics, engineering math, business math, economics and actuarial sciences.  Private tutoring in these subjects is available throughout the Toronto Area.

College Math Tutor in Toronto:

At the college level, we offer expert math tutoring in Algebra,Calculus, Statistics and other fields which form the foundation for a variety of college programmes such as business, medical and engineering fields.  Private tutoring in these subjects is available throughout the Toronto Area.

Math Tutoring for Graduate Programmes and Professionals in Toronto:

We offer expert math tutoring for MBA and economics programmes as well as programmes in the medical, legal and financial fields.  We also provide math tutoring for a number of professional vocations such as paramedics, police and fire.  Private tutoring in these subjects is available throughout the Toronto Area.

Tutoring in Financial Markets and Investments:

We offer tutoring in financial literacy for those interested in capital markets and investment.  We do not provide financial advice.  However, for those wishing to understand the mathematical and other aspects of stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives, and other investment products, we offer explanations of the technical aspects of these instruments and endeavour to provide unbiased information on financial assets and their markets. We offer private tutoring in these subjects throughout the Toronto Area.

Please see our subjects page for more detailed listings.

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Why Math Tutoring?

Welcome.  If you have arrived here, then understanding mathematics is important to you.  It is important to us too.

Mathematics is a discipline with growing relevance to nearly all fields of study and employment.  Indeed, numeracy, like literacy, is a vital tool of the modern world.  For a rapidly increasing number of academic programmes, a rising level of mathematical proficiency is a requirement for entrance, and for scholastic and professional accreditation.  Achievement in mathematics is an essential and invaluable asset for advancing in a majority of lucrative careers.

But getting to understand math and mathematical principles is no easy task.  The abstract, conceptual and technical nature of the subject make it a formidable challenge.  And unfortunately,the classroom is not the best environment for learning math.  In today's large classes, the fast pace, distractions and lack of individual attention can be totally unproductive and demoralising for a student of any level.  Private math tutoring is the antidote, and achieves what the formal lecture can never do.

Focused, one-on-one private math tutoring can make all the difference in helping a student catch up, understand mathematical concepts, master problem solving techniques, and advance to a state of excellence.  Patient,knowledgeable and understanding help is what every student needs to succeed academically.  An expert math tutor who tailors lessons specially to the individual student and his or her specific difficulties and learning style is a catalyst for dramatic progress.

At Cardinal, we believe that knowledge is more precious than gold.  And we know that understanding is the key to success.

We tutor students of all ages, levels, abilities and mathematical disciplines, in home, at a library or elsewhere, any time and anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

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